Therapeutic Associates Endurance Team

Competitive Cycling and Endurance Sports
Bend, Oregon

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Therapeutic Associates Endurance Team is a competitive cycling and endurance sports team based in Bend, Oregon. Our members compete in a variety of disciplines, including road racing, cyclocross, mountain biking, triathlon, nordic skiing and endurance running. 

We are supported by a variety of local and regional companies looking to support developing riders and reach an audience of thousands of cyclists as our team competes across the Northwest. Oregon is consistently ranked among the top regions in the United States for number of bike racers per capita.

TAI Endurance is an invite-only team with competitive racers who are dedicated to their sport and train diligently to compete at a high level. We are currently one of the best known and most respected teams in Oregon cycling. In addition to participating in races, TAI Endurance team members volunteer at community events such as other races, fundraisers, or sponsor-related promotions.

Sponsorship is available in various levels. For more information about sponsorships please visit our Sponsors page.

We’re logging miles in preparation for a busy race season! ¬†Check out our team profile on Strava to see what we’ve been up to: